What is wrong with me!!???!!! Pelvic Pain!

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mcglick Posts: 463
Hi girls, just wondered if anyone had experience of this..... have major aches and pains in my pelvis today!!! Noticed it starting up last week, sore achey feeling in the muscle area in my goin when i walk. Now today feels ike my whoel pelvis is sore, the bone, the muscles in my bum....everywhere...also feels like ive done 100 sit ups ...my tummy muscles are so sore! Even when i cross my legs under the desk im grimising with pain!!!! I know there is a specific title for this type of pain but not sure what it is? should i mention it to my doc at my visit on Friday?
MrsK07 Posts: 454
I think what you may be thinking about McGlick is Symposis pubis Disorder (I think that is the spelling of it). That is supposed to be pretty painful from the little knowledge I have of it. It would be no harm to ask about it alright. Pretty uncomfortable today myself. Just feel if I could lie down it would be ok. Sore hips and really achy at the front of my bump. Little one is doing a jig in there too which is all good but doesn't help matters. I'm sure the feeling will pass. Hope you will be ok :action32
charlie19 Posts: 65
Hi Mcglick, That so sounds like S P D, I can honestly say after suffering this myself with my DS that my heart goes out to you, i suffered with this for about the last 12 weeks of my pregnancy, and was using a crutch to help me walk half normal for the last 6 weeks. The only cure im afraid is to give birth. I found that mine seemed to hurt the most after I was sitting for a while and then get up, those first few steps in the morning would hurt so much. When you do have your baby please please please be sure to get transfered to get phisio done after the birth, if your a public patient this is free of charge, I got it done for 4 months after birth otherwise i could still be going around with a crutch. I wish you the best with your pregnancy but please get this checked. :wv :wv :wv ...
mcglick Posts: 463
will definitly mention it to my gp on friday and let ye all know what he says O-O
thunder Posts: 110
I have the same thing, I said it to my GP about 10 weeks ago. She said it was that PS, she said it could get worse,but it has its been the same for the past 10 weeks, so hopefully it won't get any worse.....
mcglick Posts: 463
its just a horrilble achey feeling down below, it actually feels for all the world like I recieved a swift kick to the groin :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0 Had a great sleep though last night, put a small pillow between my thighs so that helped. Very uncomfortable sitting at the desk today though.....cant get comfie!
thunder Posts: 110
yep thats definitely it, kick in the groin feeling!!!!!