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Spoon Posts: 207
Hi just wondering what everyone's wildest dream is, I will Start: * mine is to live a long and happy married life with my beautiful husband, and grow old together, *Also to really enjoy one really good holiday every year.... we went to Mexico for hooneymoon this year, next year it is Thiland * Life each day as it comes....
*gone* Posts: 4785
Wildest dream is to win the Euromillions, buy a little island in the carribean (if I could buy all of St Lucia then I would!), have a yacht and just sit back and enjoy life! Of course, have a private jet so I could go home to my mom's anytime I wanted for Sunday dinners!!
MrsHawaii05 Posts: 488
my dreams are: ( in no particular order) to have a big house inb the country with good rail and bus links to the city to be mortgage free on the above house for every parent to outlive their children for no more animal cruelty a cure for cancer to have a alrge family without worrying about the cost/childcare etc a la the waltons :D a bmw x 5 :oops: for everyone to be happy, the world over
SarahS Posts: 550
* that none of my family gets seriously ill at any stage * that me and h2b will have a happy & healthy relationship and life together * that all cruelty/exploitation of children and animals will be no more * to travel to some beautiful places
Sunbeam Posts: 2721
That the world of science will develop some miracle pill that you take once and you lose weight, never for it to return again!! I don't think this is too much to ask, do you? :D
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
Mine are: To grow old with my husband and enjoy life together. To be blessed with children To be happy
Miss Sunshine Posts: 1128
* For me and husband to grow to a good ripe old age together * A cure for cancer. (I just watched my friend die of cancer last week) * For my children to outlive me * To always have enough money to get by and give our children the best lives possible
Maud Posts: 857
Mine is to live in a thatched cottage in the countryside with roses around the front door, a row of lavender up to the door, have a big meadow full of wild flowers, a little woodland, mountains in the background, overlooking a lake with loads of cats, dogs, a goat, a donkey, a sheep or two and a cow in the garden. Oh, and bee hives for honey. I want to live self-sufficiently and ethically and I'd like to make the money I need from painting. If I had that I'd feel like I was in heaven. That is my absolute dream. Husband to be would be living with me of course and we'd have 2 or 4 children and my best friend would be living nearby. :D
mila Posts: 698
[quote:1gg3ptv6]To grow old with my husband and enjoy life together. To be blessed with children To be happy[/quote:1gg3ptv6] Hear, hear Dolly Dora - that's everything I dream of too. I'm very happy - I feel that I've been blessed in so many ways, and while we have a very comfortable life, if you took away all the money and assets and careers and "stuff" that we possess, I'd still feel like the happiest girl in the world once we had food on the table, a roof over our heads, and the three things you've listed above. Thanks for making me think about this, and making my realise again that sometimes it's the simplest things like companionship, a happy family and general contentedness are the most important aspirations of all.
strawberry shortcake Posts: 9094
of course i dream of winning the lotto (which i just checked i haven't) but i always just wanted to be happy have the husband, house, cars and kids once I'm comfortable