What is your man wearing?

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montblanc Posts: 385
Looking at magazines a lot of men seem to be wearing suits but is it still the full morning suit that most people go for?
ginger nut Posts: 5989
my husband and his best man wore suits. He hardly ever wears suits and looks gorgeous when he does - i was delighted to get him out of the tshirts to be honest so was delighted when he got a new suit adn looked so well in it.
pluppy Posts: 3519
h2b has told me he's picked out a morning suit
freenajean Posts: 64
Hi Girlies My H2B would puke at the idea of wearing a morning suit. It will be hard enough to get him to decide on a sharp suit when it comes to it. Freenajean
curliwurli Posts: 3369
we're getting married abroad so a morning suit would probably be a bit much in the heat so we're thinking a nice light "normal" suit for him instead
MrsG2b Posts: 1458
H2B and groomsmen going for suits instead of morning suits. He finds the cravats a little restrictive so is happier wearing a tie instead. His choice but I think that it will look really nice.
montblanc Posts: 385
Hmmm, it seems like 50:50 really. I suppose either would be nice really, he'll look lovely in both. I'll just leave him take his time making the decision.
Gonetopasturesgreener Posts: 3556
God knows... he wanted a regular suit first, then it was a kilt, then he went through a morning suit phase and now he wants black tie. I don't care at this stage!!! :o0
montblanc Posts: 385
Chi Chi McG, that is hilarious. Although I've a feeling I'll be going through the same thing. He can't make decisions to save his life!
Jackaroo Posts: 182