What kind of flowers in bouquet???

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******************** Posts: 161
Hi ladies. What kind of flowers are you having. I quite like cream/white gerberas....not to be different i just think they are really pretty. But now i cant recall ever seeing anyone with them. There some pink ones in the pic below to give you an idea. [img:ohnlnchy]http://www.giftsflorist2000.com/catalog/images/bridal-b5.jpg[/img:ohnlnchy]
come dine with me Posts: 306
Think they are really lovely!Want sunflowers myself.
MRS.C2B Posts: 408
I love gerberas, really lovley flowers!
pumba Posts: 257
Gerberas are my favourite. Im having that same colour of pink as is in your pic for my bridesmaids bpuquets, they will have just gerberas( dresses are a pale green) Not sure about my bouquet, maybe something like you posted. got my flowergirls pink gerbera wads too. Have kinda used pink gerberas as my theme, got invitations with them on it, having small ones on weddding cake If you like them go with them. i think they are fab
blueswallow Posts: 1244
Oooh - I love gerberas! Never even realised they came in white so had to google for a look ... [img:375ukut7]http://giftsflorist.com/singapore/catalog/images/gerbera-b10.jpg[/img:375ukut7] (http://giftsflorist.com/singapore/catal ... c-1_7.html) Won't be having them on the day though as they won't suit the overall style. Will have mango cala lilies as the predominant flower and a couple of pincushion protea. Will probably break up the colour with some other flower(s), but need to discuss that with the florist yet.
xcited bride Posts: 359
im having purple roses with purple and white orchids trailing from it.. bm's having white roses with fresh lavender
gettingexcited09 Posts: 195
[quote="xcited bride":36xzwrlj]im having purple roses with purple and white orchids trailing from it.. bm's having white roses with fresh lavender[/quote:36xzwrlj] love the sounds of that...my BM's dresses are amethyst and orchid
Twirler Posts: 1644
I'm thinking of ivory roses with dark pink tulips. Need to meet the florist and see if that's feasible though.
Veruca-Salt Posts: 1542
They are lovely flowers girls!!! I am hoping to have really bright, mad coloured flowers! I know some people wont like it, but hey, its my day!!! Is anyone else going raimbow bright? :o)ll
******************** Posts: 161
I was thinking a similar thing myself poppy for my BM. She is also wearing black...