what kind of pain relief are you going for??

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babs76 Posts: 1000
Girls - just reading on eumom (must really get off the internet while I'm at work!) about the different types of pain relief. To be honest I have no clue what i want, a friend of mine is due in the coming weeks and has taken numerous Hypnobirthing classes i know it's different for everyone but is the most common method the epidural?
Toblerone Posts: 2698
Before you get an epidural you have to be in established active labour (about 3cm) so you will have to use some other methods of pain relief before you can get it. Relaxation and Breathing techniques (antenatal classes cover this/ or prenatal yoga) Position changes (antenatal classes/yoga/physio class should cover this) Water (bath/shower) Tens machine (need to rent or buy and have at home) Hypnobirthing (preparation with cds beforehand) Accupressure/ Acupuncture (prob need professional) are all possibles before epidural. Best advice is to be open and try reading up about a few different methods as well as investigating epidural.
bunnyhop1 Posts: 419
I plan to give them all a go...if I can and see what works :o0 :o0 But I will have the auld Epi ordered just in case!!!
baby2010 Posts: 908
Do you have to order the epi before hand or just when in the hospital on the day? My MIL keeps telling me to make sure I have it ordered. I thought that you decide there and then if you need it and the midwife just rings the anesthetist - is there more to it than that?
Toblerone Posts: 2698
Once upon a time (back about 25 years ago) you had to have it ordered as the anaesthesist wasn't necessarily available all the time or on call. Nowadays there is usually one on call 24/7. the only thing is to make sure you ask for an examination to see how far along you are and then make request. If you are progressing quickly it's highly likely that you won't get it in time esp factoring in the time it will take to get the anaesthesist up to you and then the 15-20 mins it takes for it to start working.
wifetobe Posts: 1438
I was 2 cm when I arrived at Holles St, my waters broke an hour before and I was only after sitting on the bed and I was like pleeeeeeeeeease epi nooooooooooooow :o0 midwife was laughing at me telling me the anaesthetist had to make his way over :o0 took an hour or so but thye gave me gas and air immediately and I sucked and sucked goodo :o0 only for it, as my epi didnt work until 6cm! wore off then when I was ready to push but I was glad, I wanted to have an idea what was going on, was still painless but I knew when to push etc, your body really just takes over if you ask me :lvs So no, you ask when u get there and they will give it once your 1cm (in holles st anyway) Gas and Air I foinf excellent for distracting me, and hubby had a few sneaky puffs for his nerves. I loved the way the midwives stay by your side...mine were lovely :lvs
love struck Posts: 1125
I had gas to start with, then had epidural at 3cm.. It was such a lovely experience rfom then onwards.. this time round dont even need to think about it, epidural straight away.. Funny after having the epidural the midwife said to me (obviously couldnt say it before as they are meant to be unbiased) "Would you have a tooth pulled without pain relief" :o0 :o0 Found that very funny..
Snotzer Posts: 361
all :o0
MummyLuv Posts: 2478
I did it on my own, I can't have any pain relief due to a medical condition, used hypnobirthing which was great for helping me breath through the contractions adn got in the shower which was brilliant too. Had wee miss au-natural with not stiches or anything am hoping this one is the same!!
theoracle Posts: 7664
I am a big, big fun of natural birth. I had no pain relief on either dd2 or dd3 and it was the best birthing experience and fantastic recovery (no stiches either time). I had epi on my first and whilst I can't knock it for pain relief - it did help and I don't know honestly how would I have managed without, BUT it did cause my contractions to completely stop, which made them give me oxytocin, which ended up with me in distress and a forceps delivery with epio and loads of stiches and very slow recovery, was in agony for days. dd1 had a scar on her face from the forceps, you can still see it now (she is 4). Cue number two where I completely unintentionally gave birth w/out any pain relief. Based on experience on number 1 I thought I would be in labour for hours so not wanting to be a wimp I never asked for pain relief so 'soon' not knowing I was 10cm already! I was in labour less then 3 hrs. Number 3 was an active effort not to have (any) pain relief and I made that decision beforehand. The difference between birth no 1 and 2 was so big and I felt so great after no2, full of energy, recovery in no time, baba was in better shape also. Now I did mostly because I thought that it would benefit the baby and my recovery and also because I belive mother nature knows best :o0 . I laboured for 6,5h - was a challenge but worth it IMO and allthough dd3 was the biggest out of the 3, I had no tears and needed no stiches and had great recovery all over again. PS I could not take g&A as it was making me sick and pethidine was not an option for me because it crosses the placenta.