what kind of shoes for pageboys?

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chocolate lover Posts: 521
Hi girls,hoping someone can help me... My 2 boys are page boys and am wondering what kind of shoes should I get? Black school type shoes are too big,dont have their sizes,they are only 2 and 4yrs old,size 6.5 and 7.5 junior size. Don't want to spend a lot of money as they'll only be worn probably once and will be grown out of them. Any suggestions of type and where I can get them? Thanks O-O
tobebride Posts: 184
I'm planning on getting my page boy a pair of converse so he will be comfortable and will wear them again!
MummyBride2014 Posts: 464
Same on the converse....what colour are your bridemaids? Can you match these? And a dickie bow to match... :)
Bond Brothers Posts: 68
Hi Chocolate Lover Yes i agree with the converse myself, the kids look great with them on and they will get good use out of them. What colour are your suits. Brendan
bee0606 Posts: 691
I'm going with converse too and pink ones for my flower girl. As someone else said at least they'll get some wear out of them and will hopefully be more willing to wear them too.
tobebride Posts: 184
Ye I just think kids will be running and playing and need to be comfy and they look super cute too!!!! You can get really cool ones! My nephew got really cute ones when he was baby that were likes sharks! Not saying now to get shark ones!!!.... But might be worth checking out online. They were bought in states!
bondijunction Posts: 805
I got mine blue converse and they were very cute with the grey suit.