What little things are you giving for Valentines?

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fruitypie Posts: 826
I bought a card yesterday.. But I'm also giving him something that you can't buy... >:o)
Rubyrose Posts: 5522
we're not really into velentines, but h2b loves chocolate, so got him a mixture and kinda made a lucky bag for him
MrsWhippy09 Posts: 2346
I got h2b a card. i don't usually buy presentS for Valentines but I might buy a little something for dessert iykwim. :o0 H2b's cooking a nice dinner for us and I'm looking after dessert. >:o)
Cathy34 Posts: 1068
Got him a lovely card, a small book about love, a boxer shorts " it's so hard to be perfect" :o0 and 2 Valentine's cracker in Tesco.
Shorti3 Posts: 404
i made my h2b some coupons .. u know the type :o0
fruitypie Posts: 826
Stop it ladies.. you're all very naughty!!!! >:o) >:o) [size=75:2f2uzt1e]What are the coupons? [/size:2f2uzt1e]
MrsWhippy09 Posts: 2346
[quote="fruitypie":dd448fct]Stop it ladies.. you're all very naughty!!!! >:o) >:o) [size=75:dd448fct]What are the coupons? [/size:dd448fct][/quote:dd448fct] You know, like the Joey love coupons from Friends! :o0 He makes these coupons for some "joey love" and gives them as pressies. Hilarious. My h2b would like them. :o0
RainbowBright Posts: 1425
Me, I got H2B a pair of gloves for his moped. keep his hands nice and warm in this weather. He picked them out and so I gave him the money to get them. Will buy him a card this evening.
Mrs Summer Posts: 5040
I just got DH a lovely card, didnt buy him a present as with him working the the @rsehole of nowhere I didnt want him to feel bad if he doesnt have something for me. Am gonna cook him a lovely meal and have some wine and see where the night takes us :o0 :o0 :-8
fruitypie Posts: 826
Ok, OH has been complaining of a sore neck lately, so I was on my way home from work last night.. called into the shop and spotted one of those snuggledown memory foam pillows - you know the ones that 'help' you get a better sleep.. So as well as getting something that you can't buy he'll be getting a nice pillow as well.. *)