what maggie dress did/will you wear

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buddylove Posts: 3288
obsessed with maggie sottero /sottero &midgley dresses and on the cusp of purchasing one so thought i would post this... What maggie dress are you wearing or did you wear. I know there is loads of us obsessed with her too so it will be great to see your dresses!!
energisedbride Posts: 172
oh i got mine couple of weeks ago.....so excited! absolutely love maggie dresses! mine is sasha!! :o)ll
sherwood Posts: 737
WannabeMrs yours is beautiful. Mine is Sottero & Midgley and I just love it. Can't wait to wear it next year. [img:16paf5vr]http://www.moonbasabridal.com/images/large/maggie/sottero-midgley/sottero-midgley-asm3275.jpg[/img:16paf5vr]
buddylove Posts: 3288
just googled sasha... Its beautiful... First time seeing that one!! Sherwood... Thats a seriously sexy dress!! Fabulous!!!
sherwood Posts: 737
Thanks Jasper its just a pity I don't have a figure like the model. I'm 5 ft 1 with seriously big boobs but hopefully it'll look nice on the day. The slit isn't as obvious in reality either, it's nice and subtle and its made of chiffon so falls beautifully. They must have starched up that one for the picture :o0 :o0
buddylove Posts: 3288
I feel your pain.... Im a big busted 5ft 1 bride too!!! An exclusive club... And im sure your curves fill it out much better than the model anyway!
maltabride2011 Posts: 987
great idea Jasper, I'm on the hunt for mine at the moment and :lvs so many maggie dresses!! i tried on the caprice a few weeks ago and loved it, just not sure if it's 'the one' yet! plan to pop into alexanders over the next few weeks because i know they stock her..... sherwood the sasha is FAB! you'll be stunning!! :o)ll jasper, which one were you thinkin of going for if u don't mind me asking? also, would you recommend any particular bridal shops for her range as I haven't a clue where to start from the list of retailers on her website..... assuming alexanders has the best selection? ooh dress shopping is too exciting! :o)ll i wish i wasn't so indecisive tho!! :-8
buddylove Posts: 3288
maltabride I went to alexanders and they have a fab selection. I tried on Adorae and it was so gorgeous fit wise... Just not sure I want silk as its pretty shiney but it was gorgeous! Also tried ericka, Tried nyna and ella as well. Oh and for a laugh i tried loretta... Massive! Not for me tho! Basically i wanted to try every style to see what i liked. Going back at the end of the month and going to narrow it down. Maggie just has so many beautiful dresses!!!
Cairn Posts: 313
Hi ladies I also have a maggie dress in mind. I love it. Haven't ordered yet so not 100%. I'm mad to see if anyone has it ordered yet.
flowers01 Posts: 205
Hi Ladies! I decided to go with the Constance dress. Our wedding is in less that three months...... really cant wait to wear my dress! :lvs I tried on lots of Maggie dresses and found that the photographes online dont do the dresses any justice. The Constance dress looks completely different in reality! Best of luck with your decisions ladies! :wv
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