What makes a bride glow

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scaramoosh Posts: 36
Hi all, just wondering, every bride looks beautiful, and real brides tend to look more lovely than the models inthe dresses (although the models are obviously beatiful). What do you think makes a bride look so gorgeous in the day. Is it getting makeup and hair specially done? Or just smiling loads?! :)
preghopes Posts: 468
I thinks its because there so happy...... and if you feel good on the inside, you look great on the outside!!
GreenerPastures Posts: 7284
I wouldn't compare myself to the model, too despressing :-8 But I did feel beautiful on my wedding day. I do treat myself occassionally to a facial and get my hair done but a wedding is the one time you get everything done together. I could have bought shares in the beauticians I was there so much in the weeks coming up to my wedding. :o0 I got a facial a month before, eyelash shape and tint, eyelash tint, a body exfoliation wrap, manicure, full hair colour and moisture mask.. The list goes on. You do so much pampering that your bound to look good and I think your happiness shines through. I just felt kind of serene really and wasn't self conscious. Normally I run a mile from cameras but you're so relaxed on your big day everything else is fine.
Jawl Posts: 8881
I agree with Bridee80, it's the one time you're going to have everything done professionally. But it's the inner happinnes that radiates to give a bride that glow :)
ItsOK Posts: 849
I imagine its the overall joy and happiness you feel on the day :o)ll
new year BTB Posts: 413
I don't think I stopped smiling all day (well maybe when it was getting close to 5:30 am and I was tired and needed my bed I might have been too tired to smile then!!!) :o0 So I think its just the pure happiness and excitement that makes a bride glow - that and the hair, make up, beautician etc