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adorabelle Posts: 880
......do you have - am thinking of changing mine, is touch screen the way to go??? O-O
FlexyDee Posts: 4904
Hi. I have the Toco Pink Lite phone touch screen and I LOVE IT! :)
Time For A Change Posts: 6885
I had an LG touchscreen - it drove me batty!!!! I'm an old fashioned gal and prefer "the button variety" I gave it to hubby just recently and he seems to beok with it........so far. I think button phones will soon be on thier way out :o(
CookieMonster Posts: 65
Oh it has to be the IPHONE. I've had the tocco touch - absolutely hated hated hated it. My SIL has the LG touch and hates it too. The touch screen aren't sensitive enough and there really is nothing interesting about them. I got my Iphone last september and there is no other phone for me now. I have well and truely been seduced. The screen is so sensitive to the touch, and as for the Apps you can get on it. My poor DH has been neglected since i got it. Its never out of my hand.
Mrs Mai Posts: 763
Persephone Posts: 928
I second the iphone. It'll become a way of life moreso than a phone :o0 Dunno how I lived without it all these years!
marles Posts: 1397
I have to say the IPhone too. I just love it,It was the best thing ever in the lead up to the wedding.E-mail internet and great organiser,also Facebook! I love my IPhone! :wv
IndigoMoon Posts: 2842
[quote="Flexy D":3pj5sbfo]Hi. I have the Toco Pink Lite phone touch screen and I LOVE IT! :)[/quote:3pj5sbfo] I have it in black & also adore it. Before this I was always a Nokia woman
adorabelle Posts: 880
Thanks for the replies ladies... My HTB has an Iphone and loves it, I am with vodafone and they are getting them at the end of the month so may wait till then for one but am worried that it would drive me mad.... I'm with you noodlehead - think the buttons are on the way out :o( am nervous about my step into touch screen mode.....
MeSB Posts: 3785