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Mrs Summer Posts: 5040
I have the iphone too and I just LOVE it, DH is always slagging me over it, he thinks its attached to me somehow, HIGHLY recommend it :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :lvs
fifibelle Posts: 4447
Had an LG touchscreen but had to give it away as could not come to grips with it and I am such a technologically minded person! O:| Now I have what I can only describe as my "mid-life-crisis" phone as my 10 yr old neice has the same one. Its a Pink Samsung Ping and I loves it! :heartbeat:
Bakeswife Posts: 1098
Hey there I think buskers posted about this at xmas time and the impression i got was that the majority said to stay away from touch screen phones - i know my sis and hubbie have already gotten rid of theirs as it drove them in sane...might be worth tryin to find Buskers topic on the phone choices for some feedback...
wifin Posts: 4761
I have an LG touchscreen and I love love love it! Once you embrace the touchscreen you can't go back! If you can afford an iPhone, I'd go for that definitely!
whoop Posts: 1310
I've had the iphone and the tocco and I wouldn't recommend either after getting a Nokia 5530 tbh. I love it, so easy to use and great camera, wifi, gps etc. Think it's down to €149 now. H2b has the Sony w750 which isn't touch screen but has great features also.