What music for day after?

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coco11 Posts: 309
So instead of having pre reception music, I was thinking of spending the money on music for the next day! There is a good few of the guests making it a two day event so I thought if they were going to this effort and expense I would like to try and have something the next night!! Just wondering tho what type of music, can't decide whether Swing would be nice but not lively enough, wud u have more fun with trad or even a dj. Any other ideas greatly appreciated :wv
Scruff1 Posts: 3139
We are hoping to get some trad music for our drinks reception. I think I'd go for trad moreso than swing, think they might get the crowd in more of a party mood than a swing band as you have to consider that people will be tired/hungover from the night before. Either that or get a DJ but it depends really on where you are having your party.
Jawl Posts: 8881
I'm going for trad the next day. An irish session is not a session with a bit of trad :hic