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lolli Posts: 47
Hi again H2B and i have just provisionally held a date at a hotel in limerick for our wedding. setting a date is starting to make things seem even realer! so what next. the church is pretty much sorted so was thinking about starting to look at photographers and band. Trying to stick to a reasonable budget so anyone got good reviews for both of the above in the area trying to avoid travelling costs. need band who will cater for both young and older thanks starting to get addicted to this site already!! :wv
anonbride08 Posts: 326
i'd say band/DJ and a photographer/videographer are next onyour list!!! Best of luck with all your plans!
Betsy May Posts: 2168
Hi Lolli - welcome to WOL and congratulations on your engagement. You definetly need to look at a band, video and photographer - these book up quick. Whatever month you are geting married you will find a thread for that month on WOL if you search - join it and go from there. If you need a church singer in the Limerick area, Louise Harrison is really good and for video we booked Dreamcatcher Productions in Lahinch who seem pretty good.