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Princess09 Posts: 821
If any, I have a cold coming along, I would normally take Nurofen cold and flu and get on with things, but my head is pounding and my chest feels wheezy. I'm at home from work (15 wks pregnant) never take a day off but I wouldn't have been able to concentrate, my brain feels like it's burning! I don't want to go to doc if they can only say there's nothing to take, just rest! Anyone have this before? Thanks :thnk
Daff Posts: 11644
have a chat with the pharmacist but generally all you can take is the very basic lemsip. I think I've the same thing starting, throat is in bits, so have some lemsip in the press I'm goign to make. That's about it really :o(
Delphinium Posts: 3027
All you can really take is plain old Panadol. The bog standard one in the blue box. The pharmacist won't really give you anything else. You can't take anything that has any other ingredients and you shouldn't take any aspirin or ibuprofen. Take care with Lemsip that it doesn't have decongestants or other ingredients - ask the pharmacist first. Just watch that the wheeze doesn't develop. I had a cold like that and it turned into an infection at 10 weeks pregnant. Like you I put up with it for a week because I thought that the GP wouldn't be able to give me anything. I was miserable by the time I went. As it turns out, the doc can prescribe penicillin based antibiotics provided you are not allergic. There is one other antibiotic that I think is safe as well. I was better within days.. the relief was massive.