What parts of the ceremon are you having music in the church

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Asics Posts: 1935
I had a list of these Entrance Lighting of the candles Psalm Offeretory The sign of peace Communion Signing of the register Recessional Showed my attempt of a mass booklet :o0 to my babysitter today & she said you don't need music for the sign of the peace because its over to quick, so where do you have music have I got way to much? Sil is singing & a friend is playing the piano so I don't want to put them under pressure if its not needed in places ill do without it so where are yee all having music? :thnk :wv
Nelson101 Posts: 57
HI there I just sorted my music out there last saturday getting married in July. You have 2 lighting of candles at first which is the lighting of the individual candles and then the lighting of the marraige candle, you could pick out a song that you both like when lighting this one. The sign of peace I went with a tune, it depends really sometimes the priest will go down and shake hands with other people and sometimes the bride and the groom may opt to go and shake hands with the other guests so it may go on for a while.The communion they generally go with 2 tunes depending how many will be there recieving holy communion.
SiobhanOliverSoprano Posts: 3150
hi someday mrs I wrote a post last year - where to put music during the Catholic Mass...it's in the Music forum but here's a link to it - I always suggest something at the sign of peace - you'd be surprised how long it can take! Two pieces for communion and 2 for the register as well - they can both take quite a qhile. You'll also havethe option of an Alleluia and the ar n'Athair, possibly the Holy Holy, depends how much you want really :thnk Siobhan