What percentage of red and white wine?

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WeddingCreator Posts: 35
Hi, Just wondering what breakdown of red wine vs white wine are you going with?? I've always heard it was 60% Red to 40% white.... but then our hotel recently said 75% white to 25% red!!! I know I am a white wine drinker and my friends would be too, but then again I know plenty that like red wine too! What kind of a breakdown are you doing? Suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I am buying the wine soon!
poppingcandy Posts: 593
What are you meal choices? That will sway your choice, we had more red drinkers at our wedding, but the hotel did comment that it was highly unusually, but our choices were duck or hake, and most people went with the duck. There will be only red or white drinkers regardless of menu choice but there will be a certain percentage that will match the wine to food.
WeddingCreator Posts: 35
Hi, We are going with salmon or turkey and ham as our choices!
Jenron Posts: 259
We had around 60% white 40% red at our wedding. But it's a really tough one as traditional wine and food pairings don't necessarily matter to some people as they are either a white wine or red wine drinker regardless of their meal choice. Having said that, your food choices are probably more in line with white wine selection so that could influence some of your guests. Plus you mention that you know the majority of your friends drink white wine, so maybe increase that percentage?
poppingcandy Posts: 593
I soul go white 60% or even 65%, if you are bringing your own you will probably have more than plenty of each for everybody
WeddingCreator Posts: 35
Thanks all, yea we will probably go 65% to 35% and have a bit extra in case!