What pram did you/are you getting?

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Mrs Ellie Posts: 266
What pram did you/are you getting? theres so much choice - havent a clue where to start
Mismatch Posts: 476
Hey Mrs Ellie I got the Quinny buzz delivered. Only bought the buggy part as 2 friends have the same one & are loaning me the car seat, base & pram bit which is great. But love the buggy. Plus the bonus is its fits in my boot (have a small car & can't afford to change it). There is so much choice out there though. I would have loved to buy the Mama & Papa's Sola, but it came down to price it was working out very expensive.
yeah Posts: 109
hi, theres so much choice out there it can be like buying a new car.it all depends on what you think you'll use and need and at what stage. we ordered the teutonia fun system, all parts of the system (seat, pram and car seat) can be used from birth where as some seats can only be used from 6 months, also the hood on the car seat was essential for us as it'll be a winter baby and maxi cosi hood is so thin where as teutonia has a full hood. it all depends on budget and needs. good luck its so hard deciding.
keyra Posts: 801
[quote="babymakes3":2bc955a6]we ordered the teutonia fun system.[/quote:2bc955a6] We had this buggy for DD and i LOVED it, sold it recently :o( as we have to get a double buggy soon but i really miss it, so nice for going walking and easy to manouver.
dion Posts: 986
we ordered the quinny buzz, after looking for months it was between that & the graco symbio.
gunadeas Posts: 143
We got the Graco Symbio and I love it.We live in the country so I find it very sturdy for walking on the road,the storage under teh pram is very small but apart from that its brilliant and I love it.
funkyfish Posts: 7626
i am getting a bugaboo donkey was ds is only 20 months and mental...recommend getting one that converts to a double eventually. i had to sell my cameleon as we defo need a double.
ructions Posts: 2689
[quote="keyra":12rwpir3][quote="babymakes3":12rwpir3]we ordered the teutonia fun system.[/quote:12rwpir3] We had this buggy for DD and i LOVED it, sold it recently :o( as we have to get a double buggy soon but i really miss it, so nice for going walking and easy to manouver.[/quote:12rwpir3] We got this too, picked it up yesterday and I love it! What swung it for me was - Great wheels, can't puncture and all four have suspension. Soft carrycot coverts to a footmuff. So there's no equipment gathering dust when LO grows out of the carrycot. Same width as a Bugaboo but slightly heavier, which suits us better. Big basket underneath. Forward and rear facing. Big hood, UV50 with a mozzie net in the back and lots of air circulation. Three year warranty. Compatible with maxicosi car seat. Pushchair seat is not a bucket seat and it's bigger than most others I saw. And you can customise by choosing your colours for the base, hood, carrycot and bumper bar.
mrsp2010 Posts: 1461
ours was given to us its the Graco Mirage seems good http://www.google.co.uk/products/catalo ... FwQ8gIwAg#
MrsBuck Posts: 846
we're getting the babyjogger city select as we're having twins, but you can use it as a single also as the seats clip in and out. it also takes the maxi cosi seats which will suit us perfectly. the frames are the same for the carrycot and the buggy seat so you take one off and replace it with the other when needs be.