What pram/travel system??!!

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Leigh Posts: 188
Hi all, Myself and H2B went to look at buggy/pram/car seat etc at the weekend and am just wondering can any of you recommend what you have or any good travel systems you have come across? It's so confusing!! We liked the Graco symbio system from what we saw of it so maybe if anyone can shed some light on this one too? I'm due in May, Thanks :wv
funkyfish Posts: 7626
bugaboo cam...
pigeonwife Posts: 3789
Just to let you know I absolutely love the graco brand. Best thing is everything is interchangable and also they do a car seat base that isn't isofix if your car pre-dates isofic (like mine). I started with the Graco Tour Deluxe travel system - Bought the following off a fellow wollie for €150 (brand new and never used - thanks again mrs doyle); pushchair carrycot car seat 2 safety bases (for carseat) changing bag cosy toes I think the same package with one car seat base is about €300 new. Then when DS was about 7 months we bought the Graco Mirage buggy as we needed something more compact that didn't take up the whole boot. It was on sale in Argos at the time and came with a car seat which I still have (all set if I have twins - otherwise will sell it :o0 ). I have just been researching double buggys and am defo going for the Graco Stadium Duo Stroller (pic below) as it will take the car seat so ideal and you just can't beat the price. [img:1to5f79a]http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51OZYSelwUL._SL500_AA300_.jpg[/img:1to5f79a] The only negative I ever hear about the gracos is the weight but I never found it a problem. They are so sturdy - a must for country living!
ms organised Posts: 1069
Hi there We went with the Graco Quattro because it has everything we need: a carrycot, car seat etc. Here's a link to it, hope it helps. O:o)
Excitedwife Posts: 1186
We are considering The Beep by Baby Elegance. Very good value and very lightweight :wv
Mrs Summer Posts: 5040
Ive the Icandy peach, although I haven't got to use it yet, I have been wheeling it around the house, its soooooo easy to wheel and extremely easy to fold (one handed system) and very compact and imo good looking too, we have the maxi cosi carseat to suit too :wv
Ochre Posts: 877
I'm thinking Icandy apple Pigeonwife, I'm like you - don't have isofix. The girl in the shop I went to didn't really explain it very well - if you don't have isofix, is it not possible to have a base into which you can click your car seat into? So do you end up securing the seat with the seatbelt? I'm clueless! :thnk
ttc_bfp_opk_wtf Posts: 682
gosh i feel like such a mean mum to be. We've just gone with the cheapest one that had all the features we needed (car seat, pram, buggy, washable, adjustable handles, 5 point harness etc). The one we've gone for is chicco trio enjoy fun not going to win any style awards but functional and cheap.
Mrs Summer Posts: 5040
TTC I dont think money has anything to do with it, you went with what you were happy with and tbh thats all that counts. We got the easy fix too, tbh I didnt realise that was the one that came with the package I thought we were getting the isofix and it was only when It arrived I realised it wasnt the one anyway supposodly it works in the same way so as long as it does the job and keeps baby s safe im happy :wv
doone Posts: 503
OMG just wrote a big long post and lost it !! this is the quick version O:| I couldn't believe that i've had so many issues picking a travel system !! On most the pram and car seat bits are pretty standard but its the buggy part i don't like. The seats don't seem to be that big, very narrow and to lie them flat they rotate so it looks like the child is in the air. I prefer the older style were the back dropped and the child has more of a bed to lie back into. Also all the new fashionable ones look fine for a child up to one, one and a half but i can't picture a 2/3 yr old fitting in them? the drop for the leg looks very short? at the mo were looking at this, girl in the shop did a great demo but also want to see the iCandy as i like the idea that the Pear changes to a double (thinking ahead to no.2 :o0 ) [url:1uik48do]http://www.tiggle.ie/x-lander-x-a-travel-system-energy-294.html[/url:1uik48do] Had hoped to only spend about €500 but think it gonna to closer to €1000 which i can't believe cause my first car didn't cost that !