What pregnancy related talk do you love/hate

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hellojed Posts: 190
Hi all Just from reading a few posts here I've noticed that there are certain comments made to pregnant women that drive you up the wall. Some where obvious to me, like comments about being "fat" :eek are particularly hideous, but some I didn't expect, like "How are you feeling" which I'm sure I've said on many occasion without knowing you'd probably heard it 100 times that week. :-8 As a clueless non-pregnant woman I'd appreciate a crash course on what things pregnant/mammy wollies are/were absolutely sick of hearing and any comments that you welcomed and appreciated. A few of my mates are hoping to get pregnant soon and I'd like to be prepared. :thnk
toesies Posts: 436
very rarely get asked anything to be honest, nothing about names or buggies or how I'm feeling! Friends are young though and am the only one married so maybe thats it, would like a little more interest really :o( don't like when people do ask if I am going to bottle or bf, feel whatever I say its wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!! :wv
milis Posts: 7998
These answers are for most of the time... and were hormone dependent :-8 Pregnant women are a mine field when it comes to asking questions, and I think I was particularly cranky, hopefully your friends won't be this bad :o0 Loved: specific questions that weren't too silly, like questions about movement: what it feels like, when baby was most active (so long as these weren't followed by guesses about the gender and whether the baby would be a good sleeper) Questions about what we'd bought, what we'd left to buy, where we were planning on buying stuff (so long as they weren't followed by 'really? I think blah is so much better... especially from people who have no kids) Hated: Are you excited? Is your DH excited? Would you prefer a boy or a girl? Do you know what it is? Are you going to find out what it is? Your bump is big Your bump is small Are you sure you're pregnant at all, you're tiny? Oh wait, now that I look at you you are massive from the side!!! Are you going to breast/bottle feed? (unless it came from another pregnant person/mother, who might be looking for or offering valid advice or equipment) Do you miss drinking? Would you not just have one? Why won't you have a drink? Do you think you'll go early/on time/over? You must be very tired, are you? -actually any question phrased as a statement Any questions about what you'll do after baby is born -like 'will you let the baby into your bed?' 'will you have a set bedtime?' because mostly I felt mammies ask these questions to laugh at you, non mammies ask these questions to say 'but you said....' after you realise you were talking through your bum... Just reading back over that.... how do I still have friends?
hellojed Posts: 190
Some definite food for thought already, cheers! Milis I'm definitely guilty of saying a few things on the hated list, I'm mortified :-8 oh well you live and learn! :o0
ellee Posts: 666
o look, i certainly didn't get upset at questions people asked, they were only trying to show an interest and if you're not in babyland it's hard to have interesting lines of chat ! :o0 if you respond to the leads from the pregnant lady and let her chat away about her research and worries I'm sure she'll be delighted with ya! *) I suppose some of the questions i was asked were a little personal, the most memorable being if the baby was planned (a complete stranger at the supermarket)!!! Also the boss asked me if i was going to bf which was a bit embarrassing but he went on to tell me all about his wife bf'ing their 4 so there you are, he had an interest :o0 :o0 :o0
pixiechick Posts: 647
The phrase I keep hearing and I really hate is "You won't feel it now until baby is here" and "The time is going so quickly"..maybe for everybody else but not for me. I can't wait until baby is here and the time seems to be going really slowly for me.
miracle_baby Posts: 798
I like people asking questions as it shows their interest. I love attension so guess being pregnant is great *) I got asked by my cousin yesterday if I have started having contractions :o0 I could answered by saying no it's too early as I'm only 35 weeks but I responded by saying ask me again in 2 weeks time.
justwed09 Posts: 2349
how are you feeling and any movements today? these are daily from my mother O:| O:| i told her im not going to answer her anymore :o0
Millie- Posts: 490
i'm with you miracle baby. i like people asking me questions - it shows an interest and i'm so clueless yet excited about being pregnant that i could talk about it all day (although am very conscious not too as everyone of my friends would be bored silly so poor dh has to listen to me drone on instead :o0 ) haven't had any "your so big" comments yet but reckon that they will wreck my head when they start.
mummytime Posts: 3149
are you hopng for a girl this time??? O:| other than that, nothing really bothers me.