What presents for pageboys??????

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Fuchsia Posts: 91
Hi girls, It seems the problem of 'what in the name of God do you buy a man' also relates to boys!! I've no problem thinking up gorgeous ideas for my flower girls but what do you buy 2 page boys aged 8 and 5??? Any help appreciated!
discounter Posts: 441
http://cgi.ebay.ie/My-Day-as-a-Page-Boy ... 286.c0.m14 I'm thinking of something like this. It's a nice keepsake
Mrs Magnum Posts: 974
I got my flowergirl and pageboy a voucher for Smyths and they were delighted to go off buying something for themselves after the Wedding.
Asics Posts: 1935
Im getting my pb a watch he will be 11 & the fg's are getting little fairy locket chains :wv
lisaby Posts: 138
I've 2 PG's as well, one is aged 7 and one is 3. The 7 year old is mad about animals & dinosaurs so we bought him a fossil of a sharks tooth. The 3 year old I have no idea though!
Time For A Change Posts: 6885
My pageboy was seven at our wedding and I had to ask his parents for present suggestions, because I hadn't a clue! It may not be everyones cup of tea, but we got him a globe! My parents have one in thier house and he's always over at it, telling everyone and anyone about certain countries and where they are. We got him the exact same globe that my parents have, and his face was priceless when he opened the box to see that he had "the same globe as Nana and Pop!" We bought it online and the company only delivered within the US. Friends of mine were coming over for the wedding, so they very kindly said to put down thier address in NY and they'd bring it over with them!! :lvs Even now my nephew still plays with the globe, so we're really glad we got him something "different" :wv
Gembira Posts: 847
We got our two page boys a set of these cufflinks each http://www.londoncufflinks.co.uk/Footba ... p-217.html and a personalised yo-yo each. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Personalised-Engr ... 286.c0.m14 x