What pressies for mums?

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mrs aug 07 Posts: 817
Hi Girls Im pretty much sorted now re: pressies for the bridal party but i dont know what to get the mums. My mum is not into flowers so dont know what else to get her. She has always been difficult to buy for im just stumped! What are ye getting for your mums? Any help would be brill as i dont have much time left!
edit Posts: 982
What about a voucher? For a shopping centre, a spa treatment if she's into it, a holiday voucher (or part of), a piece of jewelry?? What is she into? Does she have any hobbies?
mrs aug 07 Posts: 817
Bingo is her only hobby :o0 :o0 A spa treatment would be out, she is very difficult to buy jewellery for, got her a holiday voucher for her birthday (which she hasnt used yet)!
Sunbeam Posts: 2721
We were struggling a bit too so we are getting both sets of parents a digital photo frame each so that they can put all the edding photos onto it and have it to keep. I'm not sure if your mum would be into it, but you could always get her a nice engraved silver frame and when your photos are ready, get one blown up for her. Otherwise, how about vouchers for a meal out or a weekend break - perhaps she would need the break after the madness of the wedding!!
mrs aug 07 Posts: 817
I love the idea of the digital photo frame (for me) but it wouldnt be her thing. A weekend away is not a bad idea but I was hoping to get her something she may be able to keep! I suppose as a last resort I could get her a voucher or a weekend away! Thanks for the suggestions girls. Keep em coming!!
rey Posts: 496
I have gotten flowers for the mums but I also got newbridge Silver photo frames and I am going to get them engraved and will give them a wedding photo once we have them developed.... Can't think of anything else beyond what the others have suggested
mrsbessy Posts: 402
hi there i made up giftbaskets, i think flowers go dead within a few days and i want to give something they will use, i filled it with wine , chocs, personailed mugs etc, any small things that you think they would use.
hollytree Posts: 123
We've had some Galway Crystal photo frames engraved for our parents. A friend of mine will take some photos at the church, dash off to the nearest photo shop on the way to the hotel and get a couple of pics printed and put them in the frames before we present them. The pics can be replaced with professional photos when available, but having a pic in there makes it a little bit special I think. I tried to find a photo frame that you could flip over, so that we could have parents wedding pic on one side and ours on the other, but couldn't find one that I liked.