what purchases 2nd time round...???

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bree Posts: 1880
just wondering what we need having 2 close together??? another cot, double buggy, more monitors etc..... can we make a list , ideas anyone???what do i need to be picking up? with dd i got her stuff in bts & pieces so would like to do that again as well of financal strain but havent a clue where to start!!
McMummy Posts: 1041
I think it depends on how old your first child is. A friend of mine had her second 13 months after her first so she still needs a lot of the baby stuff for the eldest one. For her the buggy was the big buy. She also had to buy a second cot. She didn't bother with a second steraliser, change mat, car seat as her son needed a bigger one at the time the new baby arrived. Most things she reused except for bottles and the first month cloths.