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MrsDecemberBride07 Posts: 594
just wondering what rooms you are paying for on the night of the wedding. was going to pay for BMs room and best mans room but what about parents rooms? do we pay for them too?
07xmasb2b Posts: 197
hi dec bride (like me) We are going to pay for rooms for our parents, that's all. I was BM last year and we paid for our own room, I think that is the norm !!!
anonymousbridetobe Posts: 1563
we are paying for both parent's rooms, but only cos I don't want them in our room on the day and tripping over each other. The way I look at it is if H2B and i want 5 minutes on our own at some stage of the day, i don't my ma or his bounding in ontop of us. Am not paying for Bridesmaids or Groomsmen's rooms, that's thier choice. TBH my bridesmaids wouldn't expect it, and if I had offered they'd have gone mad. The Groomsmen on the other hand would have let us pay if we had offered.
Anonymous Posts: 24542
MrsDecemberBride07 Posts: 594
thanks, i think it'd be only right to pay for the parents rooms if only even as a small thank you. will have another think about BM & bestman but we probably will i'd say.
cloud Posts: 1662
We're paying for the bridal party and parents and another friends room because he is taking extra photos for us on the day... :wv
Capetown Posts: 976
We are paying for Parents x2 Bridesmaids x2 Groomsmen x 3 bestman x 1 Sisters x2 Brother x 1 Priest x 1 11 double rooms and 1 single room, It's a lot but has to be done. If we were to just do the top table, my brother would be the only one from my family left out and I'd feel kind of bad.
Fairy Bride Posts: 43
The wedding is in my home county - so we are paying for his family - our room list is: His partents His brother One Uncle Bridesmaid & Hubby Bestmad & Family Flowergirl & Mother Band Most of these are for 2 nights.. so we are looking at about €1800 bill for rooms.. feel a bit bad for my family - but they are insisting that there is no need to get them rooms as well....
Anonymous Posts: 24542
I thnk we will pay for our parents only. I know my sister is hinting I should pay for her room, but she has a cheek, as she didn't pay for our room at hers!
Ebby Posts: 3042
We're not paying for anyones! I feel bad now. It never even entered my head. May have to rethink that one! :-8