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stylefreak Posts: 693
People could know this already but if you have a BT loyalty card you can shop at sale prices from today, the clothes aren't marked down on the tags but if you ask the sales people they will tell you the sale price. It's my bday at the weekend, a few of the girls had given me vouchers early, I went in this morning and got a dress half price that I had been eying up for literally MONTHS! Got over 200 off it so that is brigtening up my day no end! Particularly since my hunk of junk failed the nct this morning, from the looks of the list the guy gave me I'd say it will be the guts of 300 to fix everything >:o( But here's the dress, on KM, but obv it will look ALOT better on me, ha ha :o0[attachment=0:3l6yswix]509.jpg[/attachment:3l6yswix]
ShutterBug Posts: 1056
Oh great to know! I have to go dress shopping at the weekend! Better go home and dig out the BT card! Your dress is HOT!!!
stylefreak Posts: 693
Thank you! ;o)
SandyClaws Posts: 3108
How do you get a BT loyalty card? Not that it matters since I'm not in Dublin but hey!!
stylefreak Posts: 693
Sandy Claws, you just sign up for it, it's nothing special or idfferent just cause it's a BT card, although they would like to pretend it is :o0 You don't have to spend your life savings in there to get one or anything!