what's d best /most thoughtful gift ur baby got?

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moondance Posts: 158
me and dh are godparents for my little nephew - wanna get him something really special. has anyone any suggestions on what we could get? what's the best/most thoughtful gift yer little ones got?
Chrimbobride Posts: 125
I got a beautiful christening shawl with my DS name, date of birth on it. Its really special to me.
irish bride Posts: 558
DD got a beautiful little pink trinket box, with her name and birth date engraved on the side of it.
gbirishgirl Posts: 246
Sorry to hijack the thread but Hannah is SOOOOOOO cute!! Congrats Irish Bride on your gorgeous daughter! gbirishgirl
irish bride Posts: 558
aw thanks gbirishgirl!!!!! :xxx
moondance Posts: 158
thanks girls any other suggestions out there? oh and irish bride your lil girls adorable!
NotsoNewlyWed Posts: 173
Oh my God she is just gorgeous!!!!
Bumpalicious Posts: 512
Irishbride, she is adorable!! Congratulations..
moondance Posts: 158
any more suggestions?
swissgirl Posts: 2301
Hi moondance, this is something Im interested in too, I think another nice idea is give the mum a present (voucher for a spa or something) and/or to offer to babysit. Not very helpful I know, Im looking for the same info!