What's Gas & air like?

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worriedmammy2b Posts: 44
Due date is very close and am really hoping to have baby naturally, I am just wondering what gas and air feels like & how people found it? Are you still in control of your body and what you say? I don't want to be telling my deepest secrets in the throws of labour!
Persephone Posts: 928
Personally, I wasn't a fan. Made me feel drunk but bad drunk rather than good drunk. I felt a bit dizzy and nauseous. To be honest, whilst it distracted me from the pain a little, I think it was because it made the rest of me feel like crap!
Persephone Posts: 928
Meant to add, it didn't make me say anything stupid. No more than normal anyway!
Nextinline Posts: 121
For me, it just made me slightly giddy. It didn't have much of an effect at all. It's more of a distraction than pain relief.
Cairde Posts: 123
If you use it properly, it's very effective. It can make you light headed at first until you get used to it, but you're never totally out of it. As you feel the contraction starting to build, breathe in long deep breaths with the gas & air. It's important that you do long ones instead of short breaths. As soon as the contraction starts to wear off, stop using it until the next contraction. I had it on my first & found it useless as I was using it too much & I was breathing too quickly - it actually made me sick. Had nothing on my 2nd but used the gas & air on my 3rd & with great guidance from the midwives, I found it brilliant. It also works well as a distraction, if you concentrate on your long breaths rather than the pain.
mrsmoo2202 Posts: 1930
I loved it!! I was in agony and bleeding heavily when they (finally) brought me into delivery after being induced, all I'd had till then was 2 paracetamol and a shot of pethadine which wore off. I went mad on it at first, breathing it like O2, but once the pain levelled found it good. Happiest drunk like person ever!! **if you think you're whispering, chances are you're roaring shouting as hubby told me the next day**
newlywed0912 Posts: 734
I hated it!! Couldn't take it at all, don't remember why tho, I just pushed it away
OlafTheSnowman Posts: 10
I loved it. It made me feel good drunk!
abouttimebride Posts: 368
As others said it makes you a bit lightheaded and if you take enough of it, slightly out of it, but in a good way. I thought it would be useless but it was the only thing on offer to me after an induction, with me not being admitted into delivery ward until I was almost 10cm dilated. Managed it on gas and air and was delighted with myself. It definately took the edge off the pain, the pain was still there though, but you were in control despite being sort of out of it at same time. and was a great distraction for sure. I know lot of people sick on it but it didnt make me ill at all. I was saying unreal things but that was more to do with pain and exhaustion, than the gas and air. I'd use it again.
Sunspeckle Posts: 437
I thought it was the business!! Once the TENs machine was no longer effective, I was sucking down the gas and air. It does make you slur your words. I thought I'd try going with no pain medication but when it came down to it, the pain was unbearable for me and I went for the epidural at first opportunity. The midwives told me its difference for each person. They let the epi wear off at the end so you can feel your contractions and once my son was delivered I still needed a local for stitches. Just be open to change and flexible with your plans. The midwives are amazing so just stay in the moment and follow their direction and you'll be grand. Good luck