What's going on with my cycle?

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SJo Posts: 85
[color=indigo:23j9ie15]Is this normal? [list:23j9ie15]Came of the pill: 14th June (after 6 years). Had a withdrawl bleed. First period: 21-24 July. Second period: 3-7 September. Third period: has not arrived yet despite lots of AF pains last couple of days. Not even a trace. Didn't notice any EWCM this or last month. A pregnancy test 7 days ago was N.[/list:u:23j9ie15] Annoyed as we are TTC and I wanted to start temping properly from the first day of the cycle but my cycle seems to be haywire![/color:23j9ie15]
SpringBride Posts: 406
Im in the same boat as you, came off the pill last year, periods going like clockwork for years, continued to do so til this year, at that stage nearly a year off the pill, could get them on the 14th day, 16th day or the 25th day and we're trying to ttc as well, went to the doctor and he's doesnt think Im ovulating so have an another appt now next month at the hospital, its very frustrating so know exactly how you feel. If it continues give your dr a call, just to have a chat with someone put your mind at rest, your body could be getting back to its cycle after so many years on the pill, but if the periods dont regulate and you are ttc they might put you on a short hormone course to correct the balance.