What's the best TTC multivitamin?

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lovethesite Posts: 1054
Hi all, Posted this in TTC also but thought the P&B girls will be able to recommend ones that actually work :-) I don't think I ever took any for longer than a month so thinking of getting the best one and giving it a go to be best prepared for treatment (if we need it). Thanks a mill girlies xx
MrsSeuss Posts: 62
I took pregnacare or just folic acid. But was very ill from pregnacare once pregnant. Best advice is watch what you are eating and get lots of fruit and veg in, cut down on caffeine, keep up iron rich foods. I'm not sure from your post if you are TTC a while. If so, you should consider charting/temping or at least buy Taking charge of your fertility and considering how to best prepare on certain days. Good luck.
YummyMummy2b Posts: 108
Hubby and I are also ttc... Started properly last month I am taking - Sona Pregaplan(it includeds omega 3 fish oils) -folic acid -vitiman d3-apparently vitiman d is meant to aid conception, there is alot about this online -1000 mg vitiman c to increase cervical mucous On top of this i have completely overhauled my diet & have also included full fat dairy as there is supposed to be a link between full fat dairy & easier comception(again google this for more info) Hubby taking -well man conception -zinc -vitiman c Hopefully more wollies will post as it is a very interesting thread imo!! Also there was a survery done recently which said that women taking prenatals prior ttc were more likely to concieve than those who didn't. The brand used for survery was pregnacare but was not funded by the company. Again google for the official stats :wv