What's your cholestrol?

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WifeZilla Posts: 1222
Got mine today...a big fat 5....I was delighted but the nurse turned around and said "Oh it used to be 6 as the highest, but now they've moved the acceptable rate back to 5, so you really should be lower". Then she said that in order to reduce my cholestrol, i should get more exercise, eat healthier and keep as active as i can and stop eating fry ups....I NEVER have a fryup..maybe once every 4 months, that's it!!!!!!!!! I'm highly offended...FFS, i'm in the gym 5 times a week and i'm active every other day. I'm the healthiest person i know and eat very well - no takeaways or anything and the odd bit of chocolate or jaffa cakes every few days...Now i've been scoffing rice cakes and trying to eat zero sugar, but a little bit can't be doing me that bad can it?
Hokey Cokey Posts: 4816
As far as I know, cholesterol can be a genetic/heredity thing I had mine tested last year and it was perfect....and at the time I wasnt eating too healthily :-8 From what I know of you from WOL, you are super-fit and healthy so that's just mad! Maybe try some of those cholesterol-lowering spreads etc? A woman I know got hers down to a healthy range by just using one of them instead of ordinary flora......not sure if it works for anyone.
alskling Posts: 311
Hi bridey widey I got mine checked a couple of years ago and it was below 2 which I was shocked at :ooh The thing is I wasn't exercising at all at the time or anything - what the doc over here said to me was that it's about the ratio of good to bad. So my good level was really high, I eat a lot of fish, which reduced it. If you're already going to the gym and eating healthily I wouldn't worry about it but if you want to lower it you could try just upping your intake of oily fish (or take the capsules)? I think it's prob a load of sh^t anyway. My mum is really skinny and has really high cholesterol (genetic - why I got tested) and has to take tablets for it, and my aunt who was always really fat always had low cholesterol and has just being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I've gone on a bit here but really just wanted to say don't worry about it, you know yourself if you're living healthily :wv
The Fitness Dock Posts: 130
Relax - you're doing really well. The reason why the "acceptable" rate has been lowered is purely motivated by money. In America, under the previous recommendations, 13 million Americans were recommended to take cholesterol-lowering drugs. Under the new guideliness, 36 million Americans are no recommended to take the drugs. 3 times the amount of people, 3 times the amount of $$$$ [b:sqo5l01k][u:sqo5l01k]Low[/u:sqo5l01k][/b:sqo5l01k] cholesterol has been linked to depression, strike risk and aggressive behaviour (due to changes in the brain chemistry) - I can post links to all of these studies if you want. Check out the following link to find out why cholesterol is NOT the cause of heart disease: [url:sqo5l01k]http://www.mercola.com/2005/may/28/cholesterol_heart.htm[/url:sqo5l01k] The following quote is from the article: [quote:sqo5l01k]The latest recommendation given by a so-called panel of "experts" recommends that a person's cholesterol be as low as possible, in fact to a level so low they say it cannot be achieved by diet, exercise, or any known lifestyle modification. Therefore, they say cholesterol-lowering drugs; particularly the so-called "statins" need to be given to anyone at high risk of heart disease. Since heart disease is the number one killer in this country that would include most adults and even many children. The fact that this might add to the $26 billion in sales of statin drugs last year I'm sure played no role in their recommendations.[/quote:sqo5l01k]
Das Kitty Posts: 452
I'm 4.8. I have to say though it's about right. I don't eat lots of fry ups or deep fried things (I don't even use oil in the pan) but I do eat meat a lot and things like crisps. Ready-meals are a bugger they're full of cholesterol. I am overweight at the moment but by less than a half stone, when my test was taken I was in my healthy BMI range. Soya is a natural cholesterol reducer, the health food shop should be able to sort you out. I work for a company that manufactures stents for keeping your arteries open when they begin to clog with cholesterol, so the last thing I want is to have to get one in in later life!
alskling Posts: 311
[quote="The Fitness Dock":9z2008ex] [b:9z2008ex][u:9z2008ex]Low[/u:9z2008ex][/b:9z2008ex] cholesterol has been linked to depression, strike risk and aggressive behaviour (due to changes in the brain chemistry) - I can post links to all of these studies if you want. [/quote:9z2008ex][/quote] How low is too low then?????????
The Fitness Dock Posts: 130
Well, according to the studies I've read, a reading of under 150 is too low. These are American studies so I presume 150 is what wein Ireland would call 1.5 (1 = 100, 2= 200 etc). Don't quote me on that though - I'm not sure about the conversion. Anyway, here's the study: [color=blue:oodl52ll]Results of a study conducted by Dutch researchers provide additional evidence for a link between low cholesterol levels and an increased risk of depression in men. Investigators measured serum cholesterol levels in some 30,000 men, as part of a large screening program. They compared the presence of depressive symptoms, anger, hostility, and impulsivity in these men, to men with cholesterol levels in the normal range. They found that men with chronically low cholesterol levels showed a consistently higher risk of having depressive symptoms. Cholesterol may affect the metabolism of serotonin, a substance known to be involved in the regulation of mood as the researchers have previously shown that serotonin levels are also reduced in men with low levels of cholesterol.[/color:oodl52ll] [b:oodl52ll][size=200:oodl52ll]Psychosomatic Medicine 2000;62.[/size:oodl52ll] [/b:oodl52ll]
Anonymous Posts: 24542
4.3 which I was delighted with for a Vegetarian cheese eating stress bunny :)
WifeZilla Posts: 1222
That's very interesting alright. I would rather have it around the 4 mark to be honest so i'll use away on those spreads and probably eat more fish 'cos i don't eat too much of it and it's supposed to help greatly.
contented Posts: 2625
Mine is 5.7 but was 6.9 last year I have an underactive thyroid and this can contribute to the level of your cholestrol due to slow metabolism. my gp has said its hereditary and as there is a family history of heart disease i might have to go on medication to reduce it. liathroidi