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secret26 Posts: 87
Not sure what i should be doing. Running into the last few weeks now and really feel i am forgetting somehting. Just did table paln this morning all ready. Mass booklets done. Contact name and number for all suppliers done. Need to get the two mums presents. Know what i am getting them. Need to get guest book and pen. Thats it. I must be forgetting something. Any tips or advice would be great
Emmi23 Posts: 101
I wouldnt worry, you sound very organised!!! Have you got your bmaid pressies sorted??? Clothes organised for the day after your wedding and what you will need for the hotel. I think you are on the ball though. Best of luck with everything!!!
secret26 Posts: 87
Yes i have clothes organised for next day. Bridesmaid is picking her own gift its my sister and she is very hard to buy for. What do i need for hotel????
sweet cheeks Posts: 1119
Just give your hotel Favors (if your having any) Petal, candles, Centre pieces the night before with your table plan, name cards and whatever else. Call around all your suppliers. Just to be safe. Basket for your mass booklets or if you have a usher or putting on seats. You seem very organised so just do a quick tick off everything and then relax. :wv
tags Posts: 544
One of the most painful things I left to the last minute was washing and ironing my honeymoon clothes and its such a waste of almost a day in the week coming up to the wedding. There was no excuse to leave it so late as I needed summer clothes and we all know that we haven't had a summer in Ireland this year so starting ironing and folding your clothes now.
aug08grainne Posts: 151
Just the info I was looking for myself.. Thanks