what size clothes after giving birth?

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pipn lucy Posts: 330
Hi, :wv As you know Im having my section on Tuesday. Im just wondering how do I know what size clothes to pack when leaving hospital or do you stay in maternity clothes for a while. I was always (10 stone)12-14 before and am now wearing xl in maternity and weigh 14stone. I suppose it all depends on a lot of things just confused as to what to pack.
fancypants Posts: 453
Hi I would just bring your maternity stuff - you will be in it for a while after the birth - or a tracksuit type thing. Your bump doesn't just dissappear and you will still look about 5/ 6 months after delivering - also it is mor comfortable to be stretchy waistbands! the very very best of luck
sinion Posts: 6050
I left in my maternity stuff, it's just so much easier to have a stretchy waistband as you don't know what you'll be like after. My belly was huge just after, it went down really fast with breastfeeding but it was still so comfortable to wear maternity trousers home. Also your belly is very jiggly, proper Santa belly so loose tops!
delgirl Posts: 1706
yeah I would pack maternity. I packed lovely soft tracksuit bottoms which I also wore in hispital instead of pyjamas once I was up and walking around. I know you are having a section so I would suggest something with a very soft waistband that won't sit on your scar - so either below or above it. Also shoes that are not too close fitting as although my feet did not swell during pregnancy they were swollen after and I could not wear the runners I had intended to home. I was in pregnancy clothes for about 6 weeks and then started to buy new stuff a size down. You will find that just like you had different sizes on the road through your pregnancy you can wear some of it again as you return to normal size. Best of luck.
rushinbride Posts: 1097
hey pipn, did you have any maternity trousers that don't fit anymore?? your belly will be a bit smaller, but still too big for normal clothes... one of the real high wasted ones would be best as you don't want the top of the pants digging into your scar... pack a bag of maternity stuff and leave at home for your dh to bring up, you'll kinda know the day before you leave the hospital what will suit best... your best bet is a tracksuit pants tho, just for comfort for the journey home... Best of luck pet :wv
silíní Posts: 4219
I'd say bring maternity stuff, your tummy will be big for a while, but if you BF it will get smaller fairly fast. I was still about 2 sizes bigger than usual for a good few weeks after. S