What size clothes (particularly from Mothercare) for Baby?

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Mammy101 Posts: 446
Hopefully someone has experience of Mothercare sizing! I'm looking to buy baby clothes for the hospital bag - but am torn between buying 'New Baby' or '0-3' size. :-8 I'd be grateful if someone could point me in the direction of the best size to buy for baby. I know the packaging of the clothes gives a weight estimate, but I'm wondering how accurate this is... just because a baby is under 10lb, baby could still be too long for the baby gro IYKWIM. So, has anyone any experience on baby sizes? And what size to bring to hospital? Any suggestions would be much appreciated! :wv
Daff Posts: 11644
Hopefully I'll have more info for you in a few weeks - but at the moment I'm bringing some newborn and 0-3 months with me. I'll have more of each at home for DH to bring in if needed. Not sure about the Mothercare sizes, sorry. But some of the clothes there are so cute! I got a gorgeous little dress in the sales for LO.
Thumbelina Posts: 2340
Mothercare 0-3 months babygros are huge! DS was 7lb 14oz & 50cm long and the mothercare babygros were swimming on him for the 1st 2 weeks. I'm not sure if they do an up to 1 month or just newborn size. The 0-3 size is up to 14lb & these easily fit DS till he was 3 months old. This time I'll be bringing newborn Mothercare with me! HTH x
poster Posts: 311
Hi there, my ds1 was Big by my consultants comments at delivery!! I had been told he would be over 10lbs, was only 8lbs 6oz in the finish! Thank God! I had baby gro's and vests in size 0-3 months, but I swore on the next baby I would buy some Mothercare baby gro's in their second size, 10lb. I think it goes Newborn - which is about 7lb 4oz and then they do or did a 10lb size, hope they still do this sizing haven't looked in a while?! My ds was long and lean, he was lost in the 0-3 months sizing!! So for this baby I'm going to pack about 3 or 4 10lb size baby gro's, babies lose weight at first so hopefully if he or she is too big for the 10lb size he might shrink into them or at least my sis in law is pregnant so she'll prob have a little sparrow of a baby they'll go to a good home! I will pack 2 or 3 0-3 months in my hosptial bag just in case though!! Looking back at pics of ds in hospital swimming in babygro's which I now hold up and wonder how was he ever lost in them!! The're so small and cute to look at now!!
poster Posts: 311
Hi there again! I think the 10lb is the up to one month sizing! A bit early for me to start stocking up yet but no harm having a look at what they've got at the mo!
milis Posts: 7998
The Newborn ones are up to 10lb. There are tiny baby ones for up to 7lb, but I'd say unless you've a very early baby you don't need to think about those! My dd was in newborn size until she was 5 weeks, she was 11lb at that stage. I'd recommend getting some of them, because their little limbs are lost in the 0-3 and it's hard to get used to handling them when you're not sure where their arms and legs are!! I like mothercare for sizing, the arms are long enough in them to have the mitts over their hands. I found other brands weren't, and dd outgrew babygros from other shops quicker than mothercare ones.
Butttons Posts: 812
Does anyone know what weight the newborn stuff in Next and Debenhams is for? I know Next also do a 1 month size which goes up to 10lbs I think.
Mammy101 Posts: 446
Thanks a million girls for all the info! :thnk You've all been very helpful. So, by the sounds of it, Newborn size in Mothercare should more than adequately cater for baby in hospital. I'll stock up on Newborn sizes from Mothercare for the hospital bag, but just throw some 0-3 sizes in just incase! I certainly hope that my baby makes use of Newborn size as long as Milis's did.... at least it would give me an opportunity to get value out of the purchases :o0 Thanks again girls!
milis Posts: 7998
It just means less time in 0-3's though, so really, you're not gaining anything if they last in them longer!
Mammy101 Posts: 446
[quote="Milis":nhxbl25h]It just means less time in 0-3's though, so really, you're not gaining anything if they last in them longer![/quote:nhxbl25h] Doh! :duh: There's just no winning is there? :o0 Thanks for the heads up