What snacks do ye recommend for labour to bring?

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mbyrne91 Posts: 74
Hi there Ladies, Just a question which some of you may be able to help with..... Alot of the suggested lists of what to bring to hospital or put in your labour bag recommended to bring some snacks. What kind of snacks are good and what have some of you found good to use and also are there certain snacks to avoid? Would appreciate any advice or tips on this!
strangeangel Posts: 1269
They recommend simple snacks like fruit, yoghurt and cereal bars. I never ended up eating anything during labour, though my contractions started coming quickly quite soon so maybe with a slower start to it you would feel more like eating. But by the time I started to be sick I was glad I had nothing in my stomach, so I'd definitely recommend not eating anything rich just in case.
PrincessLea Posts: 436
Depending on what hospital you're going to you mightn't be allowed any snacks! In Holles st they have a no food or drink at all allowed policy, which I think is really crap!!! Think the Rotunda allow you to eat tho... I'd have fruit pieces (mellon and pineapple, those prepacked things you get from tesco) and probably something salty as well... (Will try and sneak a few things in anyway)
Wife09 Posts: 873
Hey girls, delivery room they dont let you eat or drink but I got some dextrose energy tablets for the delivery room, quick to pop in your mouth and eat you'd have it gone before they'd cop on and not bulky on the tummy in case you do have to have surgery.
Relaxedbridetobe Posts: 201
The best snack I'd say would be pain killers! ha ha
lila Posts: 982
I think eating snacks was the last thing on my mind during labour. No way could I even think about food. I was just thirsty and all your allowed is ice chips/water. Holles St don't allow you to eat at all. Not sure about other hospitals
sally Posts: 1140
I brought Lucozade which was great during labour and also cereal bars, little packs of nuts and bananas but didnt eat them during labour but they were dead handy when I got up to the ward as I was so hungry but it was late so no food to be had.
BB1 Posts: 752
only ice chips in the coombe too, I was so thirsty and they wouldnt even let me drink water >:o( Have to agree with other posters, the last thing on my mind was food, I couldnt have stomach'd a thing so probably best to bring light snacks.
bunnyhop1 Posts: 419
Well I hate choc in the delivery suite in the Coombe...once I got the epi and relaxed I got hungry..I think u do need somehing before the pushing...its hard work *) *) And I drank the whole way through...I think the eating and drinking can be dependent on how your labour is progressing...from my experience anyway! Bunny :o)ll :o)ll