what song are u entering function room too

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09b2b Posts: 72
we are wrecking our head trying to come up with ideas for what song to walking today our reception to. Neither of us are in GAA so the sunday game is out the window. Best we can some up with is a team or axel foley but not keen on either 100% O:| O:| help me please
SparklyB2B Posts: 1131
Top Gear theme tune.. Not my choice but DH & all the Groomsmen are huge fans!
Trinitym Posts: 341
We haven't decided yet...both have our own ideas but was at a wedding recently where they played the Happy Days theme tune and it was great!!
buttercupbabe Posts: 1224
we're having queens 'another one bites the dust' :o0
ellybelly Posts: 305
We had the theme tune to Rocky. Was great and really got the crowd going :o0
09b2b Posts: 72
thanks girls - liking the rocky mite steal that one. Its so hard trying to get a good lively tune that people will get up and crap too.
caitcurran Posts: 159
H2B wants Golddigga. I am not so sure as both of us are practically penniless. I am liking the queen another bites the dust !!
dancingqueen Posts: 491
My fiancee loves McGuyer so might do that as a surprise!!!
mairead7600 Posts: 17
We are thinking of the team from Jaws or The Flinstones
Redpunto Posts: 224
I didnt know we had to pick a song for entering the room - ill have to get my thinking cap on