What sort of pen are you writing your invites with?

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MissMuppet Posts: 2085
[b:3jiz2hmv][color=#800080:3jiz2hmv]For those of you who are handwritinging your guest names on your invites (and envelopes), I was just wondering what sort of pen are you using to write with and what colour?[/color:3jiz2hmv][/b:3jiz2hmv] :wv
Married2010 Posts: 372
i am getting a silver pen. the invites co-ordinate with the bridesmaids so the writing will match the waistcoats. might sound silly but i like it.
sinead266 Posts: 914
i did a calligraphy course so im hoping to use gold ink to write mine with hopefully it turns out ok
StupidSexyFlanders Posts: 8402
Probably silver. The envelopes for my RSVPs are black so silver is the only colour that will work.
Mrs.daffodil2010 Posts: 385
I am getting my guests name pre-printed on the invite....it looks really good :)