what stage did you start to buy baby things (first baby)

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isabella123 Posts: 175
this is probably a silly question but i'm 21 weeks and havent bought anything. at what stage of the pregnancy did you start to buy baby stuff?
Bonnie Parker Posts: 2670
I think I started picking up bits around half way.. around the 20 weeks!
Solar Powered Posts: 548
Around the 20 week mark for us too. We started slowly too.
littlesugarloaf Posts: 2000
About 20 weeks here too. You'll get some great bargains in the January sales too. I think the first thing I started getting was a couple of packets of baby wipes when I saw them on special offer in the chemist or supermarket. Then the Gap had a sale and I got loads of great unisex clothes.
Doozer28 Posts: 881
Around the 20week mark for us too, started picking up stuff in the weekly shopping, wipes, nappies, creams. Started purchasing the bigger stuff then too.
sarhar101 Posts: 381
Same for us, almost five months in. Mamas And Papas were having a sale on their furniture, so got a three-piece set, mattress, bedding, bouncer, playmat all in one go for a third of the original price! Plus, all that was bought in August, but I delayed delivery until last week, so it hasn't been cluttering up our (very small) apartment!
Baba2014 Posts: 131
I'm 20 weeks today :o)ll :o)ll We haven't bought a thing yet & we're waiting until January to start. My SIL gave us her Moses Basket, baby bath & a sling though........
kohl Posts: 108
Im 22 weeks and I've only bought one thing. I plan to start picking up some bits & pieces soon and in the January sales. We've had offers of things from friends and family that I have said yes we will take.
Busbybabe Posts: 562
I've been collecting clothing since day1. Neutral stuff in the beginning and now some gender specific stuff since finding out what baby is. I won't have the luxury of getting pre loved baby outfits as I don't have much extended family or friends with babies so it was imperative that I started picking stuff up early to ease the burden! To be honest I wouldn't like to be going around the shops picking up stuff with a big bump and at the last minute. Only thing we have to pick up now is the travel system and will be heading to Belfast to get it in January!
kohl Posts: 108
My hubby is so superstitious he didnt want to buy things too early. Instead Ive been putting money aside to buy when we're ready and I have way more energy now than I did in the early days