What Steriliser and bottles did you go for?

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belcra Posts: 1097
Hi, I'm only 19 weeks on pregnancy number 1 but hoping to pick up baby stuff in January sales. Can anybody recommend which bottles and steriliser to get? A few people I know have bought loads of bottles that then didn't suit baby so I plan on only buying a few bottles and purchasing more after the baby arrives and changing brand if necessary then. So, wondering what's best to start off with in terms of steriliser and bottles? Can all sterilisers take all bottles? (I'm clueless as you can see!) Thanks,
gemggem Posts: 270
I bought the big avent steriliser as if will fit almost all bottles. Went wit nuk bottles as these were used in the hospital - we had a long stay in NICU but when our little man went on bottles we tried nuk avent & dr browns & he just preferred nuk- every baby is different!
Sue79 Posts: 175
I got the Tommee Tippee Sterilizer kit as a pressie and used them. Never had a problem, even though our wee lad was taking the Nuk teeth in the hospital. He was on the Tommee Tippee teeth (when not on the boob) from he was 10 days old. When we got him home from NICU, he went onto these with ease - but as said, the was on the boob most of the time up until he was 4 months. sue
zig and zag Posts: 298
I went with tommy tip as like you got it in January sales. Have tried an advent bottle in it and fits perfectly but not too sure about other brands. This time around will have to buy new bottles as ds bottles are very worn looking and tbh look horrible. Will look out for a few in the sales but won't buy too many as other posters said every baby is different so you just won't know til it arrives. Good luck :wv
bobby2012 Posts: 644
We used AVENT bottles for both our babies and will be for this one too. We did try Dr Browns, especially on my daughter as she was and is a fussy feeder, but our kids flat out refused them. We did have an AVENT sterilizer at one point when my son was a baby but hardly used it. I know it's weird, but we actually found it handier to just boil our bottles manually as needed.
MrsPositive Posts: 1548
I bought a Tommee Tippee steriliser a microwave one was only 12.99 in Aldi but Im wondering now if other bottles will fit in it or am i tied to tommee! lol! so many questions from us first time mums to be!
ReginaFalange Posts: 10290
Use the Avent micro sterilser. 7 mins and you're done. Use DR Brown bottles- can fit 3 in comfortably.
belcra Posts: 1097
Thanks so much for all the replies everybody. Appreciate it.