what TENS machine to buy

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dromroe Posts: 83
Ladies, Looking for some advice on the TENS machine. I know there is specific labour ones. Is the only difference the boost button. Lidl have one next week for 30 euro. This is a good bit cheaper than renting or buying the labor one. Is there a difference between the ordinary ones and the labour ones ?? Has anyone used an ordinary TENs machine or does everyone get the labour one? Thanks for your help.
nomla Posts: 787
I used the labour one; and believe me you need the boost button; that is what u use during the contractions. At the later stages; i think its called transition; the boost button wasn't turned off! I used the neurotech one and found it great. You will need other forms of relief; i used the tens all the time but also the ball; etonox and the pethidine. the boost button also gives u something to concentrate on.
mrs sarah c Posts: 522
I rented one specifically for the labour and never even got round to taking it out of the labour bag!
StellaBella Posts: 432
The lidl TENS has not got the booster button that u need for contractions.. inhealth.ie havea good one that costs 50 euro including postage.. it is called obi-tens.. i found it very good
hartley Posts: 826
I rented one and hated it. It actually started causing me pain in my back, which was crap when I had labour pains in my front. Its more of a distraction in my opinon but if it works for you good and well. I won't be bothering with it again.
dromroe Posts: 83
Thanks for all the info ladies. i'll check out the inhealth one. that price in as cheap as renting!
Daff Posts: 11644
I'd the obi tens one too. Agree it was more of a distraction but don't think Dh had put it on properly. Either way I was glad of the distraction and will probably get it again, but this time have DH practice putting it on!