what time should we the have dinner at?

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debvander Posts: 47
Hi All Im getting married in december at 1pm and im a bit worried how the whole day will go time-wise....I really dont want people to be sitting around for ages so bearing in mind the band starts at 9 approx what is the best time to have the dinner? Would i be correct in thinking that we should be back in the hotel at around 4pm?????has anybody any experience or worried about the same....?
fluffiesmam Posts: 1470
tbh i think its nice to start as early as possible for the simple fact that your wedding day goes so quickly, and you put all this work into a day that only starts at 1pm!!!! as regards when you should get back to the hotel, it depends how far from the venue you will be, where you are getting your photos taken etc. you can dictate to a point to your photographer how long you want to take doing the pics. we too were worried about the wait for our guests so have arranged for canapies to keep them from getting too peckish!! we are also looking to see of our tiny budget can squeeze some drinks reception music, to keep guests from getting bored! meant to add, that i think 5 again depending on how far from venue you are etc, would be a good time to work towards, with maybe 5.30 as being your actual eating time.