What to ask a photographer?

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tippytoes Posts: 88
Hi ladies, Need some help!!! My head is tormented with lots of lovely leaflets from a wedding fayre a while ago and now we've decided to see some work but i've no idea about the types of things i need to be asking so that i'm not taken in by the first photographer!! :eek can anyone give me any pointers of things i should be asking...apart from the price cos that's all i can think about!! thanks
Gnomie Posts: 676
Hiya, Not too sure to advise on this as I still havent talked to my photographer since we booked him about 15 months ago. So, I'd be interested to know other opinions... Price (obviously) How many photos for each price Will he go to grooms place before church as well? (Mine is as he will pass where h2b is on way to my house) Does he do black and white as well as colour? I asked mine not to be in anyones face IYKWIM Not really sure what else... I know that I'm supposed to have a list of photos I want taken but I have none as yet. Need to get my ass in gear pretty soon!!! HTH
maybride08 Posts: 258
There was a thread on this recently: http://www.weddingsonline.ie/discussion ... 035#933035
Gnomie Posts: 676
Thanx for that. :thnk
tippytoes Posts: 88
thanks for that, very helpful :o0