What to buy for groomsmen?

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bubblybride2010 Posts: 1490
As well as hiring the suit (jacket trousers and waistcoat) do we buy them their shirt, tie and shoes also?
bubblybride2010 Posts: 1490
Groovy-Chick Posts: 2383
I intend to buy the shirt and tie also as it's us telling them what to year iykwim! Also, I want them to match. They can sort out their own shoes tho!!
candypants Posts: 8575
I would def be buying them! Never heard of not buying them..........
yankiecandle Posts: 2888
we are buying everything except the shoes
Pink Lady 84 Posts: 101
We are buying all the clothes apart from the shoes. Most lads will have black shoes but they have been warned to make sure they are clean >:o( We are getting each of the groomsmen personalised Cuff Links also as a little gift for them on the day
MrsRich2B Posts: 240
We are buying everything except for the shoes! We also got them watches as a little thank you pressie
bubblybride2010 Posts: 1490
thanks wollies, letting them either buy or wear their own shoes seems to be the way to go!!! thanks again
candypants Posts: 8575
Can i just ask, when do you give them there presents, does h2b give them the morning of he wedding??
dublinformalwear Posts: 85
Hi bubblybride2010 If you want them all looking the same you should hire the shirt and waistcoat. Most lads will have a pair of black shoes so you’ll be ok on that one. It looks good having the lads all in the same and maybe have the groom in a different tie/cravat or waistcoat.