What to buy in Orlando?

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Princess09 Posts: 821
My mam and sister are going in a couple of weeks. Unfortunately I cannot go >:o( they have asked me to let them know what I'd like back. :o)ll All ideas welcome! Anyone that's been what's particularly good value?
daisybaby Posts: 78
Guess handbags are always on the list when one of my family head over! Perfume is pretty cheap also, make up, Yankee candles and Abercrombie and GAP hoodies!
Lureal Posts: 455
I love tommy hilfiger clothes and they are dirt cheap over there, But you would probably have to see them so I don't really know other than that..Uggs maybe.
dibbles Posts: 749
ooohh lucky them!!!! Guess bags are really cheap, make up in walmart is for nothing and if u like benefit make up, JC penneys do it really cheap!!! American eagle clothes are really casual and so cheap... I was there for the last 5 years for 2weeks every year and there wasnt one day i didnt buy something in the line of clothes... No joke.. Id be in the car shouting to stop at the outlets on the way back from the theme parks.. everyone else is shattered and all that was in my brain was "SHOPPING".. :yelrotflmaosmilie:
Married2010 Posts: 372
Princess09 Posts: 821
Thanks for those suggestions ladies, keep them coming. :thnk Have to say, major fan of handbags but I'm not 100% in love with Guess handbags, by passed them in NY & Vegas. Abercrombie hoodies, absolutely. Benefit make up, yes! Any other bargains?