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TheMaid Posts: 29
Hi all Going to Vegas and San Fran the next week and wondered what to buy over there that you cant get here or get cheaper over there? :thnk
yankiecandle Posts: 2888
im interested in this too! (heading to san fran end of nov) :thnk
Trillian Posts: 1685
If you like them Nine West shoes and bags - they are way way cheaper. Most of the US designer brands are cheaper too.
Mrs Magnum Posts: 974
I went to the Outlet Centres in Vegas and San Fran and mainly bought Tommy Hilfiger, Guess handbags, Ralph Lauren, Nike and Reebok. Got a lovely Nine West handbag and shoes that I use for Weddings. Found it way cheaper than buying goods here. It all depends on what you are into, to be honest. The Outlet centre in Vegas was excellent. Have a look online for the Premium Outlet and see if they have shops that are of interest to you.
Tinkerbride Posts: 392
Girls - MAKE UP MAKE UP MAKE UP!!!!! I use MAC everything and it is a third of the price over there. Tip for ya, make sure you go to Lavo restaurant in the Palazzo Hotel in Vegas - best food I ever had! Enjoy :wv
WishingandHoping Posts: 197
The outlet in Vegas is great. Only a taxi journey away, unlike NYC where you need to get the bus for an hour. We always buy a good bit in Tommy - very handy for DH for shirt, tees and jumpers. He always stocks up. Makeup is great - I love Sephora (sp?) shops over there, although that could be just NYC? I always buy jeans over there. Seven for all Mankind are so cheap there, even converted by DH. Softed jeans ever! Citizens of HUmanity are great too if you can pick them up. Ther is a True Religion there too, which was great. I'm a big jeans fan :o0 :o0 I also got uggs over there - so much cheaper than here. There were 2 Guess shops in the Vegas outlet, one for clothes, the other for accessories - bought loads in both. Much more reasonable than here. Oh I wish I was going again, enjoy :wv :wv
Mrs Magnum Posts: 974
Sephora is in Vegas on the walk up to the Venetian Hotel if you are on the right handside walking up, it is just before it.
WishingandHoping Posts: 197
That's right!! And there is a hugh shopping centre opposite the Wynn, with Abercrombie and loads in it too... enjoy!!!
Yonka Posts: 148
Oh my god I'm so jealous of you going to Vegas I love that place!!! As a complete makeup addict myself I'd echo what the girls said about MAC and Sephora, Sephora is amazing, check out their website for prices of makeup you'd normally get and make your hit list, their own brand is cool too. Mac is great if you want to get any of their brushes too waaaay cheaper than here. Then there's the Miracle Mile in Planet Hollywood which is basically a huge shopping mall in the Planet Hollywood hotel (only in America!) and it has tons of cool shops [url:26akik6q]http://www.miraclemileshopslv.com/home.php[/url:26akik6q] check them out. Oh AND.... there is a deadly underwear shop there called Fredericks of Hollywood [url:26akik6q]http://www.fredericks.com/whats-hot/best-sellers/wh3,default,sc.html?defaultOpt=true&all1=all[/url:26akik6q] which is just amazing and way better than Victoria's Secret imo, I bought tons of stuff there and their bras are amazing, H2b was very happy to say the least! ;o) Then there's the Fashion Mall that's amazing too, while we were there I got my hair done for going out in a little salon in the mall and had my makeup done at MAC (the girls there are really good and always willing to do your makeup/give you suggestions unlike the snotty ones in BT's) and I felt a million dollars especially since it can be hard to style your own hair over there (GHD doesn't work!) God I went on a bit but have to pass on these tips cos they were some of the highlights of my trip to Vegas, never been to San Fran unfortunately though. Enjoy you lucky so and so!
TheMaid Posts: 29
Thanks a mill girls for all yer replies...im so excited now about going+all the shopping. Ye've been a great help. :thnk :thnk On a half day today so counting down the hours now!! :o)ll :wv