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anon2012 Posts: 267
hi girls need your advice on this, my fella doesnt want to do the flowers thing for the mothers at the wedding we are still getting them gifts but he doesnt want to give them to them at the reception he wants to do it earlier in the day before the ceremony as he doesnt like the idea of doing it at the reception and thinks its all for show. i want to give the gifts to them at the reception cause i think its a show of gratitude for all their help plus the fact that i am adopted and my birth mum is going to be there too so i will have a gift her too as she is doing the flowers for the wedding. i dont want to have a row with my fella over this can anyone tell me are they having the same problem?
strawberry shortcake Posts: 9094
i think you should talk to h2b if it means that much to you he should understand
anon2012 Posts: 267
thanks but we have ended up having words before when i brought the subject up so i think i will just get the gifts and do something special on the day for the mums to show our appreciation and give them the gifts that morning. I love him to bits but he is the most stubborn person i have met in my whole life and there is no point getting into a row over small things.
Missus Lippy Posts: 5879
Could you not give the gifts on the morning of the wedding and either your H2B or yourself (if you are saying a few words) mention all the help both mothers have given etc in the speech at the reception.
eppi Posts: 171
LL....your are not getting married for almost a year :eek :eek Calm down :o0 you will give yourself an ulcer if you are fretting about such things this far removed from the day itself :thnk .
anon2012 Posts: 267
welcome to my life i am the most over organised control freak you will ever meet, i have everything apart from the dress,bm dresses and the suits sorted will be ordering my dress next month along with the bm dresses ( my cbm had a stroke a few weeks ago so i am waiting until she is back to herself to make a decision on the dresses for the girls cause her opinion means a lot to me) and me and h2b are going to look at suits in october or november and then the lads can go in whenever they can coming up to the wedding. Im starting the save the dates next week and sending them out cause most of our family book their holidays early and letting them know now would be much fairer to them. so the gift thing is just a small part of it, but in saying that im not being a bridezilla i havent hassled anyone i have just haggled the prices and booked the different vendors and wont be ringing them again until 3 months before the wedding to re-confirm everything with them. I have a diploma in wedding and event management so its just in my nature to be like this.