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she Posts: 3298
[quote="Dezy26ni":1y67p8di] I would love to toast a guinness to her (her fav drink) and say something like " to my beautiful and vibrant wee cousin - carla you are never far from my thoughts and I miss you today" Should i not do this Denise[/quote:1y67p8di] thats lovely and im sure your aunt and uncle will be trilled your including this in your day,
Belleboo Posts: 924
I think its lovely to mention people who have passed on, i do agree with other posters that you should check first and it could cause upset?
blinginhappy Posts: 1356
I think it sounds like a lovely idea, but I agree that it would be best to get the go ahead from her parents first. If they think it would be too upsetting to hear her name on the day I think that a simple toast to absent friends would be the next best thing. One of my best friends passed away suddenly last October, I'd love to be able to say a bit about her on the day but even thinking about it now is upsetting. I think one of us will raise a toast to absent friends instead.
frankiebabe06 Posts: 518
I think this is a ovely idea aswel, but i think you should tell her parents that you are gonna mention her! I'm sure they will be delighted but not shocked!
eille Posts: 22
I think it would be worse not to aknowledge your cousin, how about an extra candle on the alter & insert that little verse on absents family in your mass booklet where the piece for lighting of the candles...