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s wife Posts: 1445
girls im so new to all this we got a bfp this morning after 2 negatives last week what do i do next we are so excited but we have no idea what we are suppose to do please point me in the right direction :wv
2to3 Posts: 182
CONGRATS !!!! :o)ll Well just enjoy this week - is amazing feeling when you first find out. Are you overdue your period - if so I would book a GP appt. to get it officially confirmed and it will all role out from there - GP will tell you what to do next but you will need to decide if you are going public or private route first and then if needs be contact a consultant and book yourself in for first visit. Enjoy my head was in the clouds that first week !
s wife Posts: 1445
im about 2 1/2 weeks late so im taking it i'll be calculated at 6 weeks or so pregnant ( not really sure ) im going to go to the gp tomorrow night ive no idea about public or private as we havent really discussed it as yet whats the norm with everyone ??
Emme Posts: 4735
Congratulations! :o)ll I had to ask here how pregnant I was this morning so I'm a bit green..however! They calculate from the date of the start of your last period. In my experience of friends and family it seems to be about 2k to go private with VHI in a public hospital and some wouldn't bother going private again but wanted to go private on their first. A good GP will be able to advise you anyway and the girls on here of course!
s wife Posts: 1445
thank you so much im sitting here in a total daze oh my god im going to be a mammy oh my god i cant believe it its just crazy ( but in a good way )
LoveACuppa Posts: 296
Congrats! Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy! Once you go to your doctor, they'll refer you to a hospital and you can decide whether to go public / semi-private / private, etc. They don't do much for the first 12 weeks and then all of the appointments seem to kick in. Best of luck!