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Little Miss Silly Posts: 457
OK, so I tried on my dress for the 1st time last night since I ordered it back in November and discovered that its a size 20, I'm a size 12, I'm so worried that I'll lose the shape especially up around the boob part (my boobs will be under my arms I'd say with the width the dress is at now and no altering can be done to the top of it!). The poor dressmaker was pinning inches off the sides of it but assured me that she has come across it before and it will be fine! I will be ringing the shop today but I'm not sure what to say? Any advice?
SaJa Posts: 4282
Make sure you complain strongly to the shop about the mistake in size. This is their fault and not yours and hopefully they might be able to do something for you or compensate you in some way. If the dress isn't too heavily designed etc. your dressmaker should have no problem in making the alterations but I would have a word with the shop before I do anything with the dress.
rash2405 Posts: 292
Make sure they dont try to charge you for any alterations
Little Miss Silly Posts: 457
The dressmaker said that there is a lot of work involved as the outer layer is lace and she will have to try and keep the design. I'm seriously worried about the boob area though because if she is cutting inches off the sides that means the boob area will spread? I could seriously do with out this now O:| heres a picture of the dress [img:2qm8ftda]http://images.kodakgallery.com/photos3352/1/80/36/93/85/1/185933680111_0_ALB.jpg[/img:2qm8ftda]