What to do with MOB and MOG instead of hen

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preghopes Posts: 468
Hi just wondering what could I do with MOB and MOG before wedding. I ahve had my hen and it was just friends on it. But would like to do something with them and maybe a few close friends a week or 2 before the wedding. Just to do something with them too.
MiniMeonBoard Posts: 6208
we are doing a spa wknd with the mothers. There is only 9 going to it. Its in belfast and we have a pamper day, with dinner and staying over for the night
OOB Posts: 639
Would be interested in this too.....I was thinking dinner maybe although H2B's mum is elderly and is killed from reminding me that she doesn't go in for much fuss :action34
Caroline Fraher Posts: 480
Hi there - I had a Honeymoon party a couple of weeks before my wedding. My mother and some of my aunts and my friends came along - basically they were to bring me something I could use on my honeymoon - nothing expensive or anything like that - more like fun things...I got some bikinis, a pregnancy test (!! - which I haven't had to use yet...!!), foot creams - I thought I'd get loads of suncreams, but I didn't get one bottle!!! :o0 Another variation that a friend of mine had was a naughty and nice party - again the guests bring along a 2 small gifts - one to be naughty (condoms, lacy knickers...) and the other to be nice (pyjamas, creams etc.) - these are basically the updated variation of a kitchen party but still lots of fun to be had!! All the best :wv