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pololady Posts: 191
My sisters little boy (who's 3) is the only child at the wedding. Just realised we'll need someone to mind him, take him to bed really and stay with him. Any suggestions..
Layla20 Posts: 1089
My nephew is being collected by his uncle (my sisters BIL) and they are taking him for the night. H2B's sister is organising a babysitter through the hotel to stay in her room with her children.
Jawl Posts: 8881
Your sister should ask an inlaw, or friend?? Leave it to her, you will have enough to worry about.
pololady Posts: 191
[quote="Betsey2011":2172px0r] H2B's sister is organising a babysitter through the hotel to stay in her room with her children.[/quote:2172px0r] This is exactly what I thought we could do but hotel don't "do this" O:|
Layla20 Posts: 1089
If they have a usual babysitter could they come along and stay in the room. I agree with Jawl, that its really up to your sister. I know the arrangements that are in my place for our nephews but our sisters organised it all.
queen30 Posts: 1551
what about his Daddys family, could they not take him for the night?
ONE Wedding Centre Posts: 31
If the hotel dont do babysitters and you can't get a family member of friend try www.irishweddingsitters.com they'll stay with the child until the parents get back to the room!!!
madhairday Posts: 1116
but thats not your problem, it is up to the childs parents to sort that out. I have small nephews and niece and its my sisters problem to get them minded.
capet Posts: 71
I have this problem too. only child at wedding will be H2B's sister's baby, who will bw about six months old at the time. H2B's family suggested that we should organise babysitter etc for them, and that she would do the same for us if it was the other way round! Wedding is about an hour or so away from where H2B is from. I didn't really fancy having to be responsible for finding a babysitter for someone else's kid! So now I think she's gonna bring a friend down to look after it and I'm not sure if I have to invite her friend to meal etc now. lots of hassle. trying not to really get involved though. you should def leave it up to the kid's parents to arrange babysitter if needed