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Swirly. Posts: 66
Hi Would anyone have any advice on what not to / what eat & do during pregnancy? So far I have been advised ... no smoking, no drinking, no liver, no pate, no peanuts, no running, no aerobics, no hairspray, no antihistimine. Yes to folic acid & sleeping. Are acrylic nails OK? Thanks, Swirly.
lisa Posts: 1612
No raw fish No unpasteurised cheese etc No shellfish Certain herbal teas are a no no (not sure which so avoiding fullstop) Reduce caffeine intake No liver
cheer bear bride Posts: 3731
no parma ham :o( or homemade mayo,
wab0607 Posts: 213
What's wrong with using hairspray?
All Loved Up Posts: 135
Shellfish are fine once cooked.
Faoi Run Posts: 82
[quote="wab0607":37mvv2hn]What's wrong with using hairspray?[/quote:37mvv2hn] :eek Was wondering that myself. I'd never have thought of avoiding it. Must go google...
Emme Posts: 4735
I got myself in an awful state yesterday with googling. I drink gallons of milk, and usually supermilk. then I came across the thing about vitamin a. I definitely have the RDA of this through Supermilk alone every day and some websites say as little as 10000mg's can do damage and others say 10000mgs as a basline level of too high - if that makes sense? Oh it's just so hard. O:| I was only looking up about hair colour!
Faoi Run Posts: 82
God yeah, it is hard. On the hairspray thing, one website says it's fine, another says it's dangerous if exposed to it in the workplace during the early stages of pregnancy. So, another question to add to the list for my doc :-8
Mrs Gump Posts: 10
Here is a link to another site this should help. But dont be frightening yourself..........! :wv http://www.vhi.ie/hfiles/hf-363.jsp
Swirly. Posts: 66
Thanks so much for all your advice. Just to answer your question about hairspray ... it was just something that I read in the Sunday papers this weekend. No major panic but apparently there is a condition - I forget the medical name but in essence it is where the pee hole is not at the end of a boy's doo-dah but is at the base. The odds of this are approx 4 in a thousand. If you have had exposure to a lot of hairpsray (like someone says .. if they work with it) .. the chances increase to 9.6 in a thousand. Why I remember it was that the only boy I know that suffers from this .. well it is his father and not his mother that is a hairdresser! Goodness yes ... this is so hard!! Thanks Again. Swirly.